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Image of "Racing Scriber" - Titanium & carbide metal scriber

"Racing Scriber" - Titanium & carbide metal scriber

£35.00 - Coming soon

This scriber has been turned by hand from a solid rod of Ti6Al4V grade 5 titanium and outfitted with a sharp handmade solid carbide tip. It is available in a number of finishes and your choice of black, dark red or white o-rings.

The tip was made by using diamond files to form a sharp point on a length of solid carbide rod. You can only cut and work carbide with diamond abrasives which means it is significantly harder than steel, so this should easily mark even hardened steels, or other materials such as glass.

The four grooves provide good grip and can be fitted with the provided silicone o-rings if desired. These grooves are in turn echoed in four decorative rings turned in at the blunt end of the scriber.

Use this for marking metal (just treat the tip with a little more care than you would an all metal scriber) or you could use it to break a car window (or other tempered glass) in an emergency.

Why the name? Well, this is no ordinary run of the mill scriber, and the colours of the random flamed finish remind me of the heat colouring of titanium exhaust headers on racing motorcycles.

Each flamed piece will be unique as the colouration is done by hand, and anodised finishes may vary slightly in colour from the samples shown. Due to their hand made nature the scriber body may exhibit minor machining marks, although I make best efforts to remove or minimise them.

Overall length is approximately 15cm

Finish options:

  • Bare metal / semi polishedl
  • Tumbled (smooth matte grey)
  • Random flamed
  • Anodised - bronze colour
  • Anodised - blue colour
  • Anodised - electric blue colour
  • Anodised - gold colour
  • Anodised - purple colour

O-ring options:

All scribers come with one set of o-rings included. Additional sets are available to purchase.
  • Black
  • Rust / dark red
  • White


When I make these for stock, I leave them as the plain metal semi-polished finish. When one is ordered, I then apply the finish and pack it with a set of O-rings as per the customer's desired options from the list above.

Therefore, when you check out, you MUST specify your desired finish and included O-ring colour in the "notes or instructions (optional)" box at checkout. If you do not do so, you will be sent a scriber with the "bare metal" finish and black o-rings.

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