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Image of Titanium Bodkin / Fid / Marlinspike / Spike

Titanium Bodkin / Fid / Marlinspike / Spike

£70.00 - Coming soon

Currently out of stock, pending delivery of more titanium. As soon as I have more made, they will be available again, please bear with me.

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This is a custom, hand made bodkin / fid ideal for paracord knotwork or for poking holes in softer materials such as leather or cloth.

It was turned by hand from a 12.5mm thick rod of grade 5 titanium (Ti6Al4v) and features a 7cm long tapered sharp point, and a 9.5cm long handle giving an overall length of 16.5cm. The handle features 6 equally spaced narrow grooves for grip, and has been sculpted by hand to give a pleasant texture that gives some additional grip and this texture has been echoed on the end of the pommel.

​Please note that as stated, the point is sharp to allow use as a bodkin. Please treat it with care! Please also note that titanium is quite a soft material compared to a hardened tool steel, so it can be easily ​resharpened with a file if you blunt it. If you plan to use this as a fid for paracord work, I suggest that you round the tip slightly with a file, or take extra care when using it.

The whole handle has then been heat coloured showing blues, golds, purples and deep bronze hues.

Due to the hand finishing of both texture and colour, this piece is unique, even if a piece of a similar design is made in the future.

Thank you for your interest in this piece.

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